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Does your pet sit by the window wanting to be outside? Now they can…

Our window Catio is made with stainless steel screen.
GUARANTEED not to rip or tear  •  SAFE environment for your pets.


  • The TIGERWIRE CATIO installs similar to a window air conditioner. 
  • Our unique adjusting system allows the inside window to be opened and closed without removing the Catio!
  • Made from extruded aluminum, the CATIO bottom panel is strong enough to hold more than 50lbs! once installed.
  • Each CATIO comes with detailed installation instructions.

 Protrudes out from the window about 14"

Step#1 - With the bottom window in the closed position, lower the upper sash and place the end of a tape measure on top of the top sash against the side jamb (fig #1 below) and measure across to the end of the sash at the opposite jamb. Record this as the window opening width.

Step#2 - Open the lower sash completely. Place the tape measure at the bottom of the upper sash along a side jamb and measure down to the sill making sure the tape measure is straight against the side jamb. (see fig#2 below) Record this as the height.

Step #1 measures 28 inches Wide and Step #2 measures 18 inches Tall.
That is your Catio Window Opening order dimension.
Order your Catio for a 28 inch wide X 18 inch tall Window Opening.

NOTE: the maximum width is 30 inches and the maximum height is 22 inches.
If you have any questions, Please give us a call at 413-568-5730.

Easy Installation of Tiger Wire Catio

How to measure for your Catio

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